Waterdeep Away Game

And now, a little halfling history

Rivers and streams crisscross the world, and upon these waterways, the nomadic halflings quietly do the same. Legend says that Melora and Sehanine together crafted the halflings, instilling in these small folk a love of water and nature, as well as an innate wanderlust and stealth. The same stories say that both goddesses then left the halflings to their own devices.

Left to themselves, halflings lived for ages. They formed close families and communities, centered on their wisest elders. Clans of halflings wandered creation, never stopping for long, and rarely claiming any particular spot as their own. Their traditions formed and survived among a population constantly on the move and influenced little by the ways of other races. Unassuming, resourceful and independent, halflings hardly ever attracted much notice.

But Avandra, the goddess of boldness, luck and travel, took note of the halflings traversing the world. It seemed to her as if these little people, whom she didn’t create, were hers nonetheless by virtue of the fact that they were living manifestations of her best-loved ideals. Halflings say Avandra smiled on them that day, adopting them as her people and blessing them with good fortune through their worldly struggles. Anyone who knows halflings has little doubt that chance is indeed on their side.

Halflings, for their part, hold fables such as these as true, and their rich oral tradition of such tales is an important part of their culture. Young halflings learn the lore of their people, clan and family from hearing stories. From these, halfling children also pick up lessons on morality and knowledge of many subjects. Outside the political struggles, wars, and other concerns of nations and empires, but widely traveled, halflings have observed and preserved what they learned in their common yarns.

Favorite sagas retell the life and deeds of halflings bold enough to strike out on their own to see the world, right a wrong, or accomplish a great task. Most halflings are practical folk, concerning themselves with the simple things in life. Adventurous halflings are of the same stripe but practice such habits in a different way. A halfling leaves the security of family and clan not for high ideals, fame, or wealth. Instead, he goes to protect his community or friends, to prove his own capabilities, or to merely see more of the world than his nomadic lifestyle can offer.

A halfling hero might be the size of a preteen human child, but he has quick feet, deft hands and quick wit. He is forthright, bold and nigh fearless. His talents run toward sneakiness and craftiness. Pluck and fortune carry him to success where others would fail. He is an expression of all that halflings esteem, and so he is a valuable ally and a daunting foe.

copyright WOTC

And now, a little Dragonborn History

Tymanther, Land of the Dragon Warriors

Along the shore of the Alamber Sea, old Unther was swept away by a catastrophic outbreak of the Spellplague. Where once ancient Unther stood now stands an arid mesa-land inhabited by draconic humanoids calling themselves dragonborn. This is the realm of Tymanther. The dragonborn have proven to be a proud, martial race, and in the decades since the Year of Blue Fire they have slowly tamed the ruined changeland from the Riders to the Sky all the way to the Black Ash Plain.

Some say that the dragonborn are creations of Tiamat, hatched from vast incubators hidden beneath temples of the dragon-goddess in the cities of Unther. Others believe that the dragonborn are descended from the human population of the old empire, changed by the touch of the Spellplague into something no longer human. But the truth of the matter is even stranger: As it did in many other places in Faerûn, the Spellplague opened the door to some other realm entirely, wrenching the aeries and castles of the dragonborn from their native land—wherever that once was—and depositing them amid the chaos of devastated Unther.

The dragonborn of Tymanther are highly militarized, and the “lords” of the land are those dragonborn who have proven themselves capable of leading their fellows. It is a harsh and unforgiving meritocracy, and each of the kingdom’s great clans is organized more like an army than a noble house. In the world from which they came, the dragonborn fought many terrible wars against true dragons, and they still harbor an ancestral hate for the winged wyrms.

Tymanther lies atop the rubble of ancient Unther, and Untheric ruins are common throughout the land. Even in its decline, Unther was a rich and populous land, and many palaces and treasure vaults of the God-King’s favorites still wait to be discovered. In other places, broken cities carried into Faerûn from Tymanther’s appearance are likewise storehouses of gold, gems, and magical artifacts. Unfortunately, many powerful monsters settled into these Untheric and Tymantheran ruins during the Plague Years, and still pose a deadly threat to those who delve too deeply. ~Copyright WOTC, written by Rich Baker

Ch 10. Underdark at night. Looks the same as Underdark by day.

Story stub: Underdark by night. The party moves through the underdark, using an ancient map from Mycroft. encounter: Centipede swarm, Granmama centipede, pair of wights, murder of darkmantles, demon-mouth-marshall-stack, dark-dwarves, zombie, julien, then through the portal to another world.

CH 9 Fighting in the Streets

Story stub: Party heads towards home, gets ambushed by sneaky goblins on rooftops. Party learns about urban warfare and they fare ok. They help defend a roadblock and find out why worgs & riders are so feared. They make it home and rest. Late that night they head back to TYP, the fighting has moved on to other areas in the city and Durnan greets them and sends them down the well, one last time.

Ch 8: The goblins bring a troll to the party

Working their way cautiously down empty streets they headed towards TYP to return the borrowed horses. The streets in this part of town were mostly empty, some barracaded cul-de-sacs protected masses of wounded and clerics and nurses. Finding the stable attended only by the stable boy, they returned the horses and were preparing to head inside when a group of goblins burst out the back door, escaping from a large chaotic skirmish inside. Our party promptly dropped their foes and began infiltrating TYP via the back entrance. It was a case of goblins, goblins, everywhere. There were 4 in the kitchen, 6 behind the bar, and many others spread throughout the main floor of the tavern. But not only goblins. They had brought a troll with them to provide the sort of terror that small goblins were incapable of inspiring. The main party prepared to make a pincer attack behind the goblins lines to assist the dwarves and half-orc red-sashes who were preventing the goblins from running out the front into the street. Corabelle, her dagger already warmed by the blood of several goblins from outside, snuck around and did grevious damage on the set behind the bar and (with Wompa’s assistance) the group in the kitchen. The rest of the party starting picking off goblins in the dining room while Lumiere brought down a columns of lightning on the trolls bald pate. The troll, confused by the chaos of a close quarters battle, fixated on a tough looking dwarf with a battle axe at the far end of the room and bellowed out in rage. The dwarf promptly thwacked his axe deep into side of the troll while the troll shredded the dwarfs armor with his gnarled and cracked fingers. The combination of dwarf and druid was too much for the troll and he was laying in a smoking heap before he could do the dwarf too much harm.

This turned the tide of the battle, and before long the goblins were overcome. Thoral and Durnan soon joined them (they having been engaged in clearing out the second story). Durnan was very happy to see the party, and told them to rush home and prepare for a long journey, for Mycroft had need of their delivery services again. This time, our heros needed to get a package out of the city as soon as possible. There was a portal in the underdark that they were to activate with the provided amulet and someone would meet them on the other side to take the package.

The party agreed and started the perilous trek across a war ravaged city.

CH 7 Drop on the Drow

So while the party rested, the mad mage of the woods went about his odd business, and the party did as they were told, not leaving the sleeping nook once. In the morning after a breakfast of mush and forest berries, he bid them a safe journey and sent them off into the murky woods. The sunlight fought to get through the canopy, but did not succeed, even on a sunny day it was never brighter than late twilight on the forest floor.

Cautiously, they made there way back towards the town, when they managed to catch a glimpse of something moving across the path far up in the distance. They tethered the horses and Corabelle and Wilkas split up, intending to encircle the area and sneak closer. With both creeping through the undergrowth, Lumiere and Wompa waited until they were in position.

They spied 4 Drow, who themselves were preparing to ambush some orcs. However the drow didn’t hear them, and before long Lumiere got the signal to attack. She cast Entangle and at that moment both Wilkas and Corabelle began peppering the drow with arrows. It was a rout. The drow didn’t stand a chance (Damn! – DM) and before long the party made their way out of the woods and back towards Waterdeep.

Long before they reached town, while still in the potato and green fields several hours from the Northgate, they could see smoke billowing from several locations inside the city walls.

Of course they hastened their pace and were begrudgingly let in by the city guard who were controlling the roads and trying to restore peace to the richest neighborhood in town. Farther to the south, especially in the docks, things looked grim. Smoke from several fires raged through the warehouse district. Ships sunk in the harbor, their masts askew but visible even from this far away, and a look of panic on all the merchants and nobility as they attempted to gather possessions and flee the city.

As Corabelle, Lumiere, Wilkas and Wompa made there way towards the Yawning Portal, they came across Quito who had been busy tending to hurt citizens for the last few hours. Apparently, goblins had begun swarming from the underdark at dawn and they attacks had been surprisingly coordinated and devastating. By the time our heros had made their way to the center of town it was clear the city was under siege.

Ch 6: The Way through the woods

So many adventures that I’ve let slide by without an update. This will be a recap post.

After buying a house in the rough but bohemian section of the Trades Ward, our intrepid crew set up home: checking the locks, looking for ways to escape if need be, and discovering a large grate in the basement that leads to the sewers. Uhlok and Quito run errands and attend to their own business while Lumiere, Wompa, Wilkas and Corabelle visit Mycroft & Julien.

Mycroft asks a favor.

Mycroft has a stack of rare books that he needs to get to an old hermit friend out in the woods, and asks if they will take it to him. Thinking it would be good to get out of town for a few days, the party agrees and early the next morning a perky gnome delivers Mycrofts package with instructions.

The party makes it out of town on horses rented from the stable master at the Yawning Portal under the cover of a heavy damp fog, unfollowed as far as they can tell and set out upon the main trunk road between Waterdeep and Neverwinter. A pleasant day is spent in the company of wagon trains and wide open fields. Lumiere is refreshed by the open clean countryside, she has been spending too much time in dungeons and cities lately for her Druidic tastes.

In the evening, just as they are setting up camp in a copse near a creek, it begins to rain. They rest and watch, and early in the morning a large black bear attempts to get to the horses, for they smell ever so tasty. Our party rouses, and attempts to dissuade the bear with force. After a skirmish in the dark, amongst the trees, the party overcomes him, and promptly skins and cleans him.

Once the sun has come up and they’ve loaded up on all the fresh bear meat they can carry, they mount up again and head north. By mid-day they’ve arrived at a small village where they receive directions from the Tavernkeep. From here they head west into the dark forest. It’s a wild place, a known haunt of fey and evil creatures.

Corabelle scouts, while Lumiere, Wilkas and Wompa walk with the horses. Corabelle discovers a pack of orcs standing over the recently killed bodies of two drow. She reports back, and the party take up positions, moving silently through the woods to surround the orcs. Lumiere casts a spell that makes the trees and plants come alive and grab the orcs, while Corabelle and Wilkas pick them off with their bows. It’s a smashing success and while searching the bodies, Corabelle finds a few interesting items on the drow.

As it’s getting dark, and knowing there are both drow and orcs about, the party makes haste for the hermits hut that should be nearby. Soon, they find the clearing with a modest, odd looking hut in the middle. They had been warned to declare their approach before setting foot in the clearing, and as they do so a strange unkempt wild looking eccentric man emerges and beckons them to come inside quickly.

They stable their horses, and join the man in his home. He is overjoyed to see them, as the books from Mycroft will allow him to make great gains on his alchemical and arcane experiments. After a simple, but hearty supper of forest stew, he suggests they take shelter is his room, and warns them not to open the door until sunrise, no matter what they hear.

The party agrees, and while they are exhausted from the journey and the fighting, they do their best to rest while strange flashes of light and hisses, and bangs emanate from the room beyond their door.

Ch 5: Care to take this outside?

With Lumiere, Wampa, Wilkas and Corabelle settling into a night of anti-recon at the Yawning Portal. Quito makes his way back from an illuminating day running his own errands. Uhlok, who had been working for Durnan’s men helping with the recovery efforts, was quietly drinking a beer at the bar.

Quito makes his way through the throngs at the tavern and sits down with his comrades after briefly checking in with Uhlok. They engage in a roundtable discussion of many diverse topics: purchasing a house, tactics, sharing of info regarding the various bits and baubles they’ve stumbled upon in the Underdark. Corabelle is particularly sensitive to any dwarves that make their way into the tavern, because she is quite convinced that the mysterious blue-dwarf will make an appearance. They are also concerned about the two chuckleheads that had been tailing them earlier.

A plan is hatched: Lumiere, Wilkas and Quito, will go hide out in Corabelle’s room, leaving Wampa at the table, and Uhlok at the bar, and Corabelle as bait. Minutes later, the blue dwarf appears, making no attempt to be sneaky or threatening, and cordially asks if he may join Corabelle. She agrees slowly, seeing no concern from Wampa. The dwarf is brief and cryptic. Clearly chagrined at his failure to follow her in a crowd, he tells her a group interested in doing good work would like to use her skills, but an open tavern is no place to discuss it. In much lower tones, that Corabelle’s sensitive halfling ears can barely discern, he says “If you are interested, tell me loudly to leave. If not, buy me a drink.” Confused, but game, Corabelle tells him to leave her in peace, and he promptly does so, whispering “we’ll be in touch” as he makes his exit.

Within the hour, Corabelle notices 4 humans conspicuously nonchalant come in and make their way to a table by the door, They order the bare minimum to drink, and fail to drink any of it. She recognizes one of them, as the same man who followed them earlier in the day, and quickly moves upstairs to let her friends know the situation.

Much discussion leads to another plan. Quito will head downstairs, get a drink and a mini-keg as cover to tell Uhlok to go through to the back by the stables and prepare for an ambush. Meanwhile, the team prepares it’s supplies: rope, sap, club and tactical plan:

As a group, head downstairs, feigning drunkenness and make their way through to the back door, tipping off Tordek (TYP bouncer) and luring the 4 humans outside. Once outside use the silken rope as a trip line (with Uhlok holding one end) and jump them while they are down.

The four chuckleheads storm out the back door in pursuit and Uhlok pulls the rope and 3 of them drop to the ground completely surprised. The fourth one, manages to stay on his feet and Wampa dashes over to pounce, but gets tangled up in the rope and tumbles over on his back. Corabelle slides around the side and saps the guy, dropping him to the ground in an unconscious heap. The party binds up the thugs, and drags them to the stables. Tordek sticks his head out and makes sure everything is ok.

Upon interrogation, they learn that a fancy woman from the Sea Ward hired the hapless thugs to get the ring back. She is supposed to meet them tomorrow and give them each 100 GP, but now they’re terrified she will hurt them. Her identity remains a mystery. Quito postulates it is Salune Arderbrent, who has hidden all these years and wants to keep the mystery unsolved. Whoever it could be, the ring has become a liability, and now the group needs to figure out how to get rid of it, without incurring further problems. They decide to spend the night in the lofts above the stables, in case of further attack.

The next day, they pool their money and buy a small house near the Trades Ward. Uhlok moves in immediately and begins prepping the house for habitation.

Ch. 4: A beautiful day in the City of Splendors: Shopping & Intrigue

A beautiful day in the City of Splendors: Shopping & Intrigue

Once again the sun rose on the most influential city in all of Toril, and it was going to be lovely. Spring has come to these parts, but today felt more like early summer. Bright, clear and warm, our adventurers rose feeling refreshed and renewed, although still quite filthy from their nights exertions. Quito’s room was quiet and the door locked, so they headed downstairs as a party of 4. Lumiere inquired about Durnan, hoping to tell him of the second goblin patrol, the store room, and find out more about the Metal Master, but he was not available this morning. Thoral, Durnan’s erstwhile appointment secretary and gatekeeper, told them to check back later. A big breakfast was on order, and then time to freshen up before a day on the town. They discussed their plans for today: some shopping and information gathering. First to the shopping. Heading to the Trades District, they unloaded some of their unneeded gear, picked up a pack for Wampa, and restocked on lamp-oil. They also wisely updated their wardrobe a bit, having a few changes of clothes is important when your outfit is soaked in goblin blood and covered in dirt. But most important was researching some of the loot they’d discovered. At Patient Fingers Finery, Lumiere and Wilkas had their finds appraised. 3 sardonyx gems = 150gp, plain gold ring, and gold necklace with teardrop solid gold pendent (in a style popular ~100 years ago) = 170gp. The ring with 1274 A.S inscribed upon it, the jeweler had no interest in buying. He wondered if it could be the betrothal ring from Salune Adarbrent, a noble woman from a prominent trading family who disappeared on the eve of her betrothal in 1274. It is the custom, particularly of the nobles, to put the family name first in all written and formal documents. Lumiere attempted to detect magic and noticed that the shop itself was wrapped in many kinds of magical protections and charms, and the betrothal ring was suffused with a faint blue aura. Corabelle, sitting outside, idly noodled on how much jewelry she might be able to fit into her pouches if given the chance, but was Lumiere warned her of the dense layers of magics inside and so she gave up on acquiring something nice to put around her neck, at least from that store. Next stop was at the Sharpened Quill to talk with Mycroft (and give Julien some scritches). Mycroft inquired about Quito, and asked Lumiere to send him along when she sees him next. Lumiere, Wilkas, and Corabelle got to hear the story of Salune Adarbrent:

She was the eldest daughter in the Adarbrent clan, and was due to be married to Todil Aran, the eldest son of a merchant clan in Neverwinter. The Todil’s family history is apparently a bit piratical, and some eyebrows were raised among Waterdeep’s nobles however the patriarch was convinced this was a good match for his daughter, as he had his eyes set on making stronger connections to the north.

However, on the morning of her betrothal, Salune had vanished. No reports of suspicous activity, nor any signs of struggle or entry were found. She had vanished, and no one ever saw her again. Her younger brother now leads the clan, and is not respected, but he is feared.

(Additional background supplied by Junqor Langedeap): The younger brother is a creature ruled by greed, and is dispised by Junqor. Whether this is because he is truly a bad man, or because he was Junqor’s rival in teh shipping business, is an open question.

The ring that was found is apparently the ring she was wearing when she disappeared, but Mycroft suggested that going to the family might not be a great idea. Foul play was certainly suspected, and her brother (now the patriarch) had as much motive as any other person alive. Mycroft offered to do some discreet inquiries into the matter, provided the party come back and share their stories of adventure with him. Also, Julien (the cat) likes Wilkas, and that keeps Julian off of Mycroft’s books, which is a great relief to him.

Upon leaving the Sharpened Quill, Corabelle notices that they are being followed by two separate parties: first and most obviously, by a pair of rough looking human men, and the more subtley by a fine looking dwarf in blue. At their next stop, Corabelle feints and drops under a wagon train heading south, skillfully dropping both tails and coming out behind them. The humans appear to be in disagreement as to what their orders are, and whether the party of Lumiere, Wampa, Wilkas and Corabelle was really the right target. They don’t notice that the halfling has vanished, but the dwarf immediately catches on, and begins looking around him while still following the party of 3. Corabelle follows the follwers back to the Yawning Portal, where Wilkas, Lumiere and Wampa ascend and stake out a table with a good view of the door. Neither the men nor the dwarf follow them inside, as each of them turn and begin heading south. Unknowingly moving almost together in the throngs of people out this afternoon. Corabelle watches, and follows. Soon the men head down a street that takes them to the southeast, towards the Docks. She sticks with the dwarf, who was clearly more interested in her, than the others. As he winds his way south into the western docklands, she gets her first look at the depressed, occasionally depraved area known for cutthroats, drunks, press gangs and kidnapping. It’s not as bad as she had heard, clearly it’s got it’s troubles, but normal people do attempt to make a living and this is their home. Eventually the dwarf knocks on teh access door in the side of a large building with the sign “Maereth’s Storage.” An unseen hand opens the door and he goes inside saying with exasperation “I lost her.” As the door closes, she risks exposure rushes up to hear what she can of the conversation. Apparently, they are hoping to get ahold of her, and they will try to make contact tonight. Anything more gets lost in the clatter of Drays and wagons, street-hawkers, and drunken conversation on the street. Heading back, she notices the two men from before, still bickering over what they were supposed to be doing. With the beginning of a professional manner, she drops in behind them and follow them to a rougher part of the docklands and a Tavern in an alley off of one of the main streets. Inside the dive, where chairs and tables are bolted to the floor to discourage their use as improvised weapons, she attempts to eavesdrop, however it is much to noisy to hear anything of worth, but she does watch their meeting with a woman in a deep cloak. After watching the two thugs being berated and threatened, the cloaked woman quickly leaves the tavern and head north directly. Coribelle follows her through the Trades District, past the City of the Dead, and into the posh North Ward. Coribelle’s plain cloak, and slightly grubby attire (by North Ward standards) would garner more attention from the City Watch, but as yet no one notices her. As her quarry turns left just before the North Gate, one watchful guard asks her business, and tells her to clear out of the North Ward. Corabelle complies, but slips his gaze and doubles back attempting to drop a tail on the becloaked woman. Eventually she does, and follows her west into the Sea Ward until she loses her in a maze of alleys between palatial townhouses and estates.

Heading back to the Yawning Portal, she notices no tail, and makes it back in time for supper. After filling Lumiere and Wilkas in on her day’s trek, they attempt to see Durnan again, who is apparently called away on business, according to Thoral. The debrief Thoral, who seems concerned about the tails, intrigue is common in Waterdeep, but it is also rarely benign. Thoral suggests forgoing their rooms and staying in the hayloft over night, while he alerts Tordek who will be on watch all night.

While making plans to spend the whole evening at the table in the main hall, Corabelle notices Junqor Langedeap at a nearby booth. She give greeting, and he invites her to join him. Junqor is clearly still much upset at his son’s death, but his grief has begun to harden into something sharp and fanatical. In his state, ‘glad’ and ‘happy’ are not words that describe any reaction of his, but he readily pays for the 6 left goblin ears that Lumiere took the previous night, and says he’ll ‘happily’ pay for any additional ears they manage to liberate. He asks after his son’s necklace, a gold chain and pendent with an onyx stone, and worries what ‘they’ would do with it. He hatred of goblins radiates off of him like a fever. At Wilkas’ questioning, he briefly recounts his take on the Adarbrent clan, particularly it’s current patriarch, and talks about how he intends to remake his family fortune starting with wagon trains to the north and east.

(Background from Mycroft: The Langedeap family history was typical of Waterdeep families. Several hundred years ago, his ancestors settled in Waterdeep with a nacent shipping business. Over the years it grew to a fleet of fast boats that did shipping as a way to pay the bills, but the passion was in exploration. New trade routes, and strange goods and spices were what made their name in Waterdeep. However a tragedy befell the clan, when they planned to resettle in some new land in the west. Most of the family and the accumulated wealth was loaded abort the Langedeap fleet and after they crossed over the horizon, they were never heard from again. Junqor has said “the ocean is a big place. I can only assume it took everything from me, but my son.” And now the Underdark has taken even that.)

Apparently discussing his rival of the Adarbrents, Junqor had enough and promptly bid them good evening and left leaving his payment on the table.

Ch. 3 Rumble in the Dungeon

We left off with Wilkas, Lumiere, Wampa, Quito and Corabelle moving down a narrow dungeon hallway…

Investigations of the hall lead to a secret door, which opens onto another hallway. At one end is an old moldery storeroom filled with crates and barrels. Quito, Corabelle and Lumiere spend some time going through the containers and come up with an odd assortment of goods: Spices, robes, copper, adventuring items, jewels, and two very odd finds. The first is a crate which isn’t a crate at all, it’s a hatch into a secret passage that runs northeast away from the room. The second was a humanoid skeleton in the decayed tattered clothing it apparently died in, crammed into a crate. It had a ring on it’s possession inscribed with “A.S. 1274” and a solid gold teardrop pendant. But other than that, there is little to go on.

While they were ransacking the storeroom, Wilkas was posted as lookout at the other end of the hallway. After quietly poking around for a bit, he heard the sounds of a goblin replacement team moving towards him at a fast march. He alerted the others and they took up places behind the secret door, hoping they’d be able to ambush these goblins as the other had done to them.

As the party of goblins marched by the party slipped in behind them (Corabelle and Wilkas almost literally slipping and falling flat) and saw what they were up against. 5 Goblin soldiers, and 1 Goblin leader, larger and more dangerous than the others. They focused their attack on the leader but things didn’t go as smoothly as they hoped. The narrow hall and low ceiling made for difficult fighting. Lumiere, Wilkas and Quito laid in some strong blows dropping the leader and several goblins. Wilkas took a punishing hit to the chest from a morning star just before he pinned it’s wielder to the floor with his finely crafted long bow. Hoping to get some elbow room, Wilkas and Quito attempted to overrun the remaining goblins and leave them surrounded, but the goblins were sturdier than they looked and Wilkas was knocked prone. Lumiere leapt over him and exacted her revenge, killing the surly thing. The remaining goblins attempted to flee, one of them getting quite a head-start down the corridors. He didn’t make it far enough however when Wampa (Lumiere’s Wolf-friend) gave chase and ran it down in the pitch dark. Quito crushed the last goblin with his quarterstaff as it started to flee. Less than a minute after they’d stepped through the door, they had dropped 6 goblins and gotten themselves covered in gore.

They regrouped and finished looking through the crates, and deciding what they could carry back to the tavern. 200k copper pieces? Leave it. 400 lbs of coriander? Just take a pinch. Rings and pendents from the skeleton? Must have. Not wanting to leave any barrel untouched they opened the last and were swarmed with rats. Fighting from barrel tops and between crates was a tremendous challenge, but Wampa proved his worth as a rat killer and soon enough the situation was brought under control. Having had enough fun for one evening, they decided to head back.

At the entrance hall below the well, they waited for the lift. It sounded like it was a rowdy night up in the tavern, but the sharp ears of Lumiere picked up the sound of something sniffing intently from nearby. Once the lift appeared, they clambered on, weapons at the ready and once it had begun to rise the secret door in the northwest corner opened and a large disgusting purple slug oozed out, being prodded by 3 goblins with poles. Almost instantly the lift stopped, and began tilting wildly towards the slug, and all of the metal items (armor, swords, coins etc..) began straining against any restraints. Wilkas’s sword flew from his scabbard and stuck to the side of the beast. The crowd above had noticed the struggle, and had begun (on orders from the bar staff) throwing down any kind of wooden improvised weapon at hand, sticks, bar stools, table legs, brooms..etc.. rained down the well and fell about the party, narrowly missing some of them. Quito was barely able to remain on the lift due to his mail, but kept his wits and immediately ordered the others to pelt the slug with lamp oil and attempt to set it ablaze with torches. As quickly as they could, Lumiere, Corabelle and Wilkas unloaded their pints of oil and several of them found their target, quickly followed by a rain of torches. Blue-yellow flames raced down the creature’s back and the smell of burnt slug-flesh was disgusting. Immediately the magnetic effect dissipated as the slug attempted to roll it’s immense bulk over and smother the flames. The lift jerkily began rising again, faster than usual, and several tense moments later they rose into the dining room to great applause and cheers from the dense mob of patrons. And the sweaty smiles from the 3 half-orcs that had to work the pulley system to overcome the pull from the Metal-Master slug.

Free drinks are shoved into their hands as Durnan and a pair of burly dwarves rappel down into the well to deal with the threat. Drinking and carousing goes late into the night and eventually the party makes their way upstairs to their rooms to inspect their haul and get some well earned rest.


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