Waterdeep Away Game

Chap 2. In which our heros do a little shopping, and learn a few things
Week 2

After stripping the dead goblins of their weapons. Uhlok returns topside to attend to some of her own business, and is debriefed by Durnan and a half-orc member. She is pressed into service helping remove debris and assisting citizens of Waterdeep whose homes and business have been damaged by the earthquake.

Meanwhile our merry party takes station around the door the 2 goblins escaped into, and Corabelle notices a secret door in the hall. After some discussion, the door is opened and Wilkas and Quito try to lob a dead goblin into the darkened room. After several tries and more discussion, Lumiere and Corabelle enter the room and discover a morbid site: 4 dead humans, are piled on several dead goblins in an old store room. The stench of death is strong, and they quickly search the victims for valuables. Their reward is a total of 204 gp, and a mighty masterwork composite-longbow (+1 Str). Strangely, the gold was left on the bodies and not collected in a crate. Realizing their fortune, and concerned for Wilkas’ wounds they seal the ambush door by piling the remaining goblins in front, and jamming one of the goblin-daggers into the crack. Everyone retreats back to the tavern almost without incident. Unfortunately, Durnan didn’t tell them that he was giving them a break on the entrance fee and they were charged the going rate of 1gp per person to get back out of the well. However, Duran was very interested to hear any news from the Underdark, and seemed pleased to get an update, even if the news was bad. He asked that they give him regular updates from each incursion into the Dungeon, and he’d provide meals for free, with potential renegotiations in the future depending on the quality and quantity of their information.

After a hearty breakfast, the party explored the Castle Ward of Waterdeep, seeing the open air market, the clerics station (much enlarged and overwhelmed due to earthquake injuries), and did some shopping in the area immediately surrounding The Yawning Portal (TYP). Healing supplies are in short supply, as is building materials, fresh water and rations. During their shopping expedition, they meet Fylall Elderbow and purchase some supplied. Fylall, is impressed with the bow and states it is probably from the area around Neverwinter, judging on style (reserved, graceful) and the materials used, particularly the wood. He states is would likely fetch 300-400 gp on the open market, and that it is probably around 60-70 years old. It is too hard for Lumiere to wield, and so a trade is arranged between Wilkas and Lumiere.

After the bulk of shopping is finished (new clothes, cloaks, bolts & arrows) they head off to look for arcane bookstores and loremasters. Corabelle recognizes the robes of an old man entering TYP, as being the same as the dead man she found in the storeroom. She quietly splits off from the group and watches him in the tavern for some time. It becomes clear that he is the dead man’s father, and is desperate for any news of his lost son. After a crisis of conciounece, where her instincts for reserve and oblique action give way to wishing to provide this old man some relief, she joins him at his table and tells what she knows. The old man, Junqor Langedeap, offers a description of his son based on his robes and a distinctive necklace. Corabelle is confirms his robes, but not his necklace. It is enough proof for the old man, who had spent the last 4 days fearing exactly this scenario, his only heir, the last heir to a once-great Waterdeep family, lay dead almost anonymously in a dank room under the city. He makes two requests, first that his son and his traveling companions (as yet unidentified) are removed from the Dungeon, and that Corabelle and her friend kill as many goblins as they can get their hands on, for he’ll pay 11 gp for each one slain.

Not having the resources to remove the poor dead men herself, she tells Durnan who sends of team of his men down the Well to retrieve them. Durnan knows Junqor, and appears to hold him in high esteem, but realizes that not all families will last until the end of days. The fate of Junqor’s son saddens him.

Meanwhile the rest of the party travels to the booksellers district and learns that Hallaster had 7 disciples. At some point in the long distant past, they had all split and spent hundreds of years fighting each other for control of the Underdark. It is thought that Hallaster prevailed, and that his disciples either died or lost their minds under the mountain, but like all information coming from below the city, few stories are ever corroborated, and no maps appear to agree. The bookseller, and perhaps mage, Mycroft appears free with his information and is clearly very very concerned about what the future may bring. Julian, his orange tabby, is less so, provided nice elfin rangers stop by and give him scritches behind the ears once and a while.

Our party rejoins in teh main room in the tavern, and swap information. Quito, concerned about something, makes an early night and retires to his room. Corabelle stays up late drinking ale, and hearing a great many things in the conversations around her. Lumiere and Wilkas keep her company for a while and eventually head to bed.

The next morning, after another hearty breakfast (on the house), the party gets there equipment in order (dropping valuables off with Durnan’s dwarf Thoral) and procuring food from TYP’s larder, with Durnan personally selecting the same kinds of food he used to eat as an adventurer in Dungeons and caves. Thus readied, they disapeer into the Underdark again, and retrace their footsteps to the ambush door. Eventually they make their way, cautiously, into the room and discover the remnants of a small goblin camp. Standing hear the fall wall, Wilkas and Lumiere hear the sound of multiple creatures moving down the hall. At the ready, they open the door and check the passage way. It sounds as if the creatures are moving away at a quick pace, and they can just make out a gruff voice say “Errya, this way!”

Avoiding the room of pillars to the south, they head west up the narrow hallway…..

A morning of suprises
No time for breakfast!

The story so far: Three adventurers, Wilkas, Corabell Treelicker, & Lumiere Featherfall Elfhammer Goblinstabber, arrive together at the venerable tavern, The Yawning Portal. Run by Durnan and staffed with all manner of burly ex-adventurers, it’s a raucous place to start on the path to fame and fortune. After a night of drinking, talking and shopping (using a five fingered discount in Corabell’s case), the 3 adventurers make it to bed and fall into a deep sleep.

Two other adventurers, an unlikely pair consisting of a human cleric and half-orc she-monk, have also chosen to stay in the rooms above the tavern.

All are awakend by a violent roiling earthquake. Lumiere is almost knocked senseless when after awakening in a panic she tangles herself in the blankets and attempts to escape to freedom by attacking the bedside table with her face. She is also wracked with visions of a powerful bearded man with stars in his eyes, screaming in frustration and rage and she feels a tremendous need to get into the Underdark and ‘set things right.’ Apparently, others have had similar experiences.

Pandemonium is everywhere. People are running around the halls, most of the glasswear is broken, and outside it sounds like the whole city is as surprised as Lumiere was. There will be many odd bruises visible on the faces and arms of citizens for the next week.

Our three fair adventurers decide that this is the moment they’ve been waiting for and pair Durnan his silver to go down into the pit, without so much as breakfast or a cup of tea.

Once they’ve settled down on the dungeon proper, they familiarize themselves with the graffiti, shields, and apparent secret door. Wilkas notices a sound from the hallway, and flushes out a Darkmantle which Corabell immediately attackes. Whether it was the disorienting morning, or the lack of tea, the party struggles to put the damn thing down, and in the scuffle Corabell gets a nasty gash across her face.

The Cleric and the Monk, also awakened by the earth quake make it down stairs just after the party of three have been lowered into the pit. Uhlok wisely has a beer, and Quito asks Durnan about what is going on.

After a liquid breakfast, they also decide the Dungeon is the best place to be, and they are lowered into the pit. Quito wastes no time in coming to Corabell’s aid and soon they are all on their feet and working their way, cautiously, down the hall.

However, the pace is too slow for Lumiere and she quickly takes the lead in hopes of actually getting somewhere before lunch. Unfortunately her choice of haste at that moment, was almost fatal to Wilkas. They had stormed by a secret door without noticing it, and 7 Goblins decided that this was the perfect time for an ambush.

Quick on the draw, Wilkas was able to put up a good fight, but 3 goblins on one ranger was just not cricket. Soon however, the rest of the party joined in (with a nice eyeball shot by Corabell and some tremendous moves by Uhlok) soon the remaining goblins were scrambling for their lives.

Rightfully so, Lumiere healed Wilkas, but Uhlok has a badly injured leg, and will need some sort of attention before the party gets too much farther away from the Clerics and aid offered by the Tavern.

We leave them in the hall, assesing the value of the dead goblins gear…..


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