a tiefling warlock entering the game in the 4E world


Warlock XP|4407

STR|12 CON|14 DEX|13 INT|15 WIS|13 CHA|15

AC|13 FORT|14 REF|15 WILL|15


Pass Ins|13 Pass Per|13

HP|41 Bloodied|20 Surge|8 Surges/Day|10

Arcana|9 History|9 Intimidate|4 Streetwise|4


The tiefling known as Exaybachay has spent most of his life as an outcast. His father was a shadowy member of the House of Gralhund and his mother a member of a rival Waterdeep family, the House of Amcathra. Exaybachay’s father would have nothing to do with the woman who bore his son, and in turn his mother’s family would have nothing to do with her or her tiefling bastard. Given to on of her servants to be raised initially, once Exaybachay reached the appropriate age he was sent off to attend Blackstaff Academy.

Sadly, Exaybachay was not much for the rigors of learning and spent much of his time running around the streets of the Dock Wards and Trade Wards getting into random trouble while practicing his undisciplined magic. One evening Exaybachay found himself in very dire straits when he was cornered in an alley by a band of rough sailors intent upon shanghai’ing him. Just as Exaybachay was about to be beaten into unconsciousness, a mysterious ranger-type figure dispatched the seafareing brigands with a flurry of well-placed arrows and some assistance from what appeared to be a wolf. The ranger and his companion brought the semi-conscious tiefling to a shop containing many scrolls and books and a seemingly distracted older mage, and his orange cat. Hexabachay was left on the floor of the storeroom. Exaybachay lay there, slowly recovering his senses. The orange cat sat down upon his chest and stared intently down at him. The old mage wandered into the storeroom and informed him that once he was feeling up to snuff there was plenty of things to be put in order.

Exaybachay spent the next several years under the informal tutelage of Sylphus and minding the seemingly endless disarray of the Pens of a Feather. He bolstered his knowledge of both the Arcane and the Infernal on his many reading breaks, and also took to wandering the old City of the Dead to test his powers and to further study its mystical elements. Eventually the old mage Sylphus began to send Exaybachay out on errands, to collect information, act as courier, assist in the safeguard of persons. Exaybachay became much travelled through the Western lands of Faerûn.

He know finds himself in the company of a dragonborn cleric and two somewhat disoriented adventurers who emerged from a portal, presumably from the past. Adventure ensues.


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