Wilkas Badgerhelm

Lvl 1 Ranger, Half-Elf, Chaotic Neutral, 5'9", 114lbs, 29

Ability Score Totals
  1. STR: 14
  2. DEX: 14
  3. CON: 13
  4. INT: 14
  5. WIS: 14
  6. CHA: 14
Combat Options
  1. DAMAGE: 1d8
  2. CRITICAL: 19-20 X2
  3. NOTES: -2 on two handed combat
Short Sword:
  1. DAMAGE: 1d6
  2. CRITICAL: 19-20 X2
  3. NOTES: -2 on two handed combat
+1 Composite Longbow
  1. ATTACK BONUS: +1 under 30’
  2. DAMAGE: 1d8
  3. CRITICAL: x3
  4. RANGE: 110ft
  5. AMMO: 39, 10 masterwork

Hit Points: 6

  1. SPEED: 30ft
  1. FORTITUDE: 15
  2. REFLEX: 14
  3. WILL: 14
  1. AC: 14
  1. 725
  1. 49g 9s 5c
  1. Climb: 5
  2. Handle Animal: 5
  3. Knowledge (Dungeoneering): 5
  4. Knowledge (Geography): 5
  5. Listen: 6
  6. Search: 6
  7. Survival: 5
  1. Immunity to Sleep
  2. Enchant/Effects +2
  3. Low Light Vision
  4. Listen/Search/Spot +1
  5. Diplomacy/Gather Info +2
Favored Enemy: Drow
  1. Bluff/Listen/Sense Motive/Spot/Survival +2
  2. +2 weapon damage
  1. Point Blank Shot
  1. Common
  2. Elf

Wilkas Badgerhelm, the son of half-elf parents, grew up with his mother’s kin in Yuirwood. His mother, Magnys Bearcharger of the Dusk, was proprietor of a local tavern, but also a bard and would regale the locals with tales of elven epics. Wilkas’s surrogate father was his grandfather Leoven Bearcharger the Skillful, a elven hunter and cleric of Shevarash. Leoven was very stern, but often kind and always instructive in the ways of realm.

Growing up he knew little of his father, Walkul Badgerhelm, other than that he was a half-moon elf ranger from a far away place called Silverymoon, had had many strange adventures before arriving in Aglarond, and that he had abruptly left Yuirwood when Wilkas was not yet 10.

Wilkas spent much of his youth hunting with his grandfather and acquainting himself with the world around him. And when he was helping out his mother, he studied further the tales of elven lore she would share. He would also press visitors for information about the lands outside of Aglarond, especially if they were from the Northwest of Faerûn.

Finally, late in the night of his 20th birthday celebration, his grandfather told him that it was time to leave Yuirwood and follow in Walkul’s footsteps… to make his way as a ranger. The next morning Wilkas resolved to head West, hone his skills on his own and seek out this place of Silverymoon.

After several years of forging Westward, surviving on his own wit and occasionally seeking out odd jobs in towns (on the occasions that he felt social), he managed to find his way to Silverymoon without much more stress than the occasional tavern brawl. He found the folk in that area to be a little cool on his presence, but eventually gathered enough information on Walkul the Ranger to lead him on the road to Waterdeep.

It was on this leg of the journey that was beset upon by a large wolf, who upon pinning Wilkas by surprise, gave him a big lick on the face and then ran off to join his mistress, a silvery shadow of an elf by the name of Lumiere Elfhammer. She too was setting out for Waterdeep. They were also soon joined by a rogue by the name of Treelicker, though no one is sure how she came to join their company.

Adventure ensues.

Wilkas Badgerhelm

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