Waterdeep Away Game

Ch 8: The goblins bring a troll to the party

Working their way cautiously down empty streets they headed towards TYP to return the borrowed horses. The streets in this part of town were mostly empty, some barracaded cul-de-sacs protected masses of wounded and clerics and nurses. Finding the stable attended only by the stable boy, they returned the horses and were preparing to head inside when a group of goblins burst out the back door, escaping from a large chaotic skirmish inside. Our party promptly dropped their foes and began infiltrating TYP via the back entrance. It was a case of goblins, goblins, everywhere. There were 4 in the kitchen, 6 behind the bar, and many others spread throughout the main floor of the tavern. But not only goblins. They had brought a troll with them to provide the sort of terror that small goblins were incapable of inspiring. The main party prepared to make a pincer attack behind the goblins lines to assist the dwarves and half-orc red-sashes who were preventing the goblins from running out the front into the street. Corabelle, her dagger already warmed by the blood of several goblins from outside, snuck around and did grevious damage on the set behind the bar and (with Wompa’s assistance) the group in the kitchen. The rest of the party starting picking off goblins in the dining room while Lumiere brought down a columns of lightning on the trolls bald pate. The troll, confused by the chaos of a close quarters battle, fixated on a tough looking dwarf with a battle axe at the far end of the room and bellowed out in rage. The dwarf promptly thwacked his axe deep into side of the troll while the troll shredded the dwarfs armor with his gnarled and cracked fingers. The combination of dwarf and druid was too much for the troll and he was laying in a smoking heap before he could do the dwarf too much harm.

This turned the tide of the battle, and before long the goblins were overcome. Thoral and Durnan soon joined them (they having been engaged in clearing out the second story). Durnan was very happy to see the party, and told them to rush home and prepare for a long journey, for Mycroft had need of their delivery services again. This time, our heros needed to get a package out of the city as soon as possible. There was a portal in the underdark that they were to activate with the provided amulet and someone would meet them on the other side to take the package.

The party agreed and started the perilous trek across a war ravaged city.



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