Waterdeep Away Game

Ch 6: The Way through the woods

So many adventures that I’ve let slide by without an update. This will be a recap post.

After buying a house in the rough but bohemian section of the Trades Ward, our intrepid crew set up home: checking the locks, looking for ways to escape if need be, and discovering a large grate in the basement that leads to the sewers. Uhlok and Quito run errands and attend to their own business while Lumiere, Wompa, Wilkas and Corabelle visit Mycroft & Julien.

Mycroft asks a favor.

Mycroft has a stack of rare books that he needs to get to an old hermit friend out in the woods, and asks if they will take it to him. Thinking it would be good to get out of town for a few days, the party agrees and early the next morning a perky gnome delivers Mycrofts package with instructions.

The party makes it out of town on horses rented from the stable master at the Yawning Portal under the cover of a heavy damp fog, unfollowed as far as they can tell and set out upon the main trunk road between Waterdeep and Neverwinter. A pleasant day is spent in the company of wagon trains and wide open fields. Lumiere is refreshed by the open clean countryside, she has been spending too much time in dungeons and cities lately for her Druidic tastes.

In the evening, just as they are setting up camp in a copse near a creek, it begins to rain. They rest and watch, and early in the morning a large black bear attempts to get to the horses, for they smell ever so tasty. Our party rouses, and attempts to dissuade the bear with force. After a skirmish in the dark, amongst the trees, the party overcomes him, and promptly skins and cleans him.

Once the sun has come up and they’ve loaded up on all the fresh bear meat they can carry, they mount up again and head north. By mid-day they’ve arrived at a small village where they receive directions from the Tavernkeep. From here they head west into the dark forest. It’s a wild place, a known haunt of fey and evil creatures.

Corabelle scouts, while Lumiere, Wilkas and Wompa walk with the horses. Corabelle discovers a pack of orcs standing over the recently killed bodies of two drow. She reports back, and the party take up positions, moving silently through the woods to surround the orcs. Lumiere casts a spell that makes the trees and plants come alive and grab the orcs, while Corabelle and Wilkas pick them off with their bows. It’s a smashing success and while searching the bodies, Corabelle finds a few interesting items on the drow.

As it’s getting dark, and knowing there are both drow and orcs about, the party makes haste for the hermits hut that should be nearby. Soon, they find the clearing with a modest, odd looking hut in the middle. They had been warned to declare their approach before setting foot in the clearing, and as they do so a strange unkempt wild looking eccentric man emerges and beckons them to come inside quickly.

They stable their horses, and join the man in his home. He is overjoyed to see them, as the books from Mycroft will allow him to make great gains on his alchemical and arcane experiments. After a simple, but hearty supper of forest stew, he suggests they take shelter is his room, and warns them not to open the door until sunrise, no matter what they hear.

The party agrees, and while they are exhausted from the journey and the fighting, they do their best to rest while strange flashes of light and hisses, and bangs emanate from the room beyond their door.


Ready for more updates!

Ch 6: The Way through the woods

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