Waterdeep Away Game

Ch 5: Care to take this outside?

With Lumiere, Wampa, Wilkas and Corabelle settling into a night of anti-recon at the Yawning Portal. Quito makes his way back from an illuminating day running his own errands. Uhlok, who had been working for Durnan’s men helping with the recovery efforts, was quietly drinking a beer at the bar.

Quito makes his way through the throngs at the tavern and sits down with his comrades after briefly checking in with Uhlok. They engage in a roundtable discussion of many diverse topics: purchasing a house, tactics, sharing of info regarding the various bits and baubles they’ve stumbled upon in the Underdark. Corabelle is particularly sensitive to any dwarves that make their way into the tavern, because she is quite convinced that the mysterious blue-dwarf will make an appearance. They are also concerned about the two chuckleheads that had been tailing them earlier.

A plan is hatched: Lumiere, Wilkas and Quito, will go hide out in Corabelle’s room, leaving Wampa at the table, and Uhlok at the bar, and Corabelle as bait. Minutes later, the blue dwarf appears, making no attempt to be sneaky or threatening, and cordially asks if he may join Corabelle. She agrees slowly, seeing no concern from Wampa. The dwarf is brief and cryptic. Clearly chagrined at his failure to follow her in a crowd, he tells her a group interested in doing good work would like to use her skills, but an open tavern is no place to discuss it. In much lower tones, that Corabelle’s sensitive halfling ears can barely discern, he says “If you are interested, tell me loudly to leave. If not, buy me a drink.” Confused, but game, Corabelle tells him to leave her in peace, and he promptly does so, whispering “we’ll be in touch” as he makes his exit.

Within the hour, Corabelle notices 4 humans conspicuously nonchalant come in and make their way to a table by the door, They order the bare minimum to drink, and fail to drink any of it. She recognizes one of them, as the same man who followed them earlier in the day, and quickly moves upstairs to let her friends know the situation.

Much discussion leads to another plan. Quito will head downstairs, get a drink and a mini-keg as cover to tell Uhlok to go through to the back by the stables and prepare for an ambush. Meanwhile, the team prepares it’s supplies: rope, sap, club and tactical plan:

As a group, head downstairs, feigning drunkenness and make their way through to the back door, tipping off Tordek (TYP bouncer) and luring the 4 humans outside. Once outside use the silken rope as a trip line (with Uhlok holding one end) and jump them while they are down.

The four chuckleheads storm out the back door in pursuit and Uhlok pulls the rope and 3 of them drop to the ground completely surprised. The fourth one, manages to stay on his feet and Wampa dashes over to pounce, but gets tangled up in the rope and tumbles over on his back. Corabelle slides around the side and saps the guy, dropping him to the ground in an unconscious heap. The party binds up the thugs, and drags them to the stables. Tordek sticks his head out and makes sure everything is ok.

Upon interrogation, they learn that a fancy woman from the Sea Ward hired the hapless thugs to get the ring back. She is supposed to meet them tomorrow and give them each 100 GP, but now they’re terrified she will hurt them. Her identity remains a mystery. Quito postulates it is Salune Arderbrent, who has hidden all these years and wants to keep the mystery unsolved. Whoever it could be, the ring has become a liability, and now the group needs to figure out how to get rid of it, without incurring further problems. They decide to spend the night in the lofts above the stables, in case of further attack.

The next day, they pool their money and buy a small house near the Trades Ward. Uhlok moves in immediately and begins prepping the house for habitation.


mmm… bear jerky

Ch 5: Care to take this outside?

wait… that was supposed to be for the next installment :p

Ch 5: Care to take this outside?

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