Waterdeep Away Game

Ch. 3 Rumble in the Dungeon

We left off with Wilkas, Lumiere, Wampa, Quito and Corabelle moving down a narrow dungeon hallway…

Investigations of the hall lead to a secret door, which opens onto another hallway. At one end is an old moldery storeroom filled with crates and barrels. Quito, Corabelle and Lumiere spend some time going through the containers and come up with an odd assortment of goods: Spices, robes, copper, adventuring items, jewels, and two very odd finds. The first is a crate which isn’t a crate at all, it’s a hatch into a secret passage that runs northeast away from the room. The second was a humanoid skeleton in the decayed tattered clothing it apparently died in, crammed into a crate. It had a ring on it’s possession inscribed with “A.S. 1274” and a solid gold teardrop pendant. But other than that, there is little to go on.

While they were ransacking the storeroom, Wilkas was posted as lookout at the other end of the hallway. After quietly poking around for a bit, he heard the sounds of a goblin replacement team moving towards him at a fast march. He alerted the others and they took up places behind the secret door, hoping they’d be able to ambush these goblins as the other had done to them.

As the party of goblins marched by the party slipped in behind them (Corabelle and Wilkas almost literally slipping and falling flat) and saw what they were up against. 5 Goblin soldiers, and 1 Goblin leader, larger and more dangerous than the others. They focused their attack on the leader but things didn’t go as smoothly as they hoped. The narrow hall and low ceiling made for difficult fighting. Lumiere, Wilkas and Quito laid in some strong blows dropping the leader and several goblins. Wilkas took a punishing hit to the chest from a morning star just before he pinned it’s wielder to the floor with his finely crafted long bow. Hoping to get some elbow room, Wilkas and Quito attempted to overrun the remaining goblins and leave them surrounded, but the goblins were sturdier than they looked and Wilkas was knocked prone. Lumiere leapt over him and exacted her revenge, killing the surly thing. The remaining goblins attempted to flee, one of them getting quite a head-start down the corridors. He didn’t make it far enough however when Wampa (Lumiere’s Wolf-friend) gave chase and ran it down in the pitch dark. Quito crushed the last goblin with his quarterstaff as it started to flee. Less than a minute after they’d stepped through the door, they had dropped 6 goblins and gotten themselves covered in gore.

They regrouped and finished looking through the crates, and deciding what they could carry back to the tavern. 200k copper pieces? Leave it. 400 lbs of coriander? Just take a pinch. Rings and pendents from the skeleton? Must have. Not wanting to leave any barrel untouched they opened the last and were swarmed with rats. Fighting from barrel tops and between crates was a tremendous challenge, but Wampa proved his worth as a rat killer and soon enough the situation was brought under control. Having had enough fun for one evening, they decided to head back.

At the entrance hall below the well, they waited for the lift. It sounded like it was a rowdy night up in the tavern, but the sharp ears of Lumiere picked up the sound of something sniffing intently from nearby. Once the lift appeared, they clambered on, weapons at the ready and once it had begun to rise the secret door in the northwest corner opened and a large disgusting purple slug oozed out, being prodded by 3 goblins with poles. Almost instantly the lift stopped, and began tilting wildly towards the slug, and all of the metal items (armor, swords, coins etc..) began straining against any restraints. Wilkas’s sword flew from his scabbard and stuck to the side of the beast. The crowd above had noticed the struggle, and had begun (on orders from the bar staff) throwing down any kind of wooden improvised weapon at hand, sticks, bar stools, table legs, brooms..etc.. rained down the well and fell about the party, narrowly missing some of them. Quito was barely able to remain on the lift due to his mail, but kept his wits and immediately ordered the others to pelt the slug with lamp oil and attempt to set it ablaze with torches. As quickly as they could, Lumiere, Corabelle and Wilkas unloaded their pints of oil and several of them found their target, quickly followed by a rain of torches. Blue-yellow flames raced down the creature’s back and the smell of burnt slug-flesh was disgusting. Immediately the magnetic effect dissipated as the slug attempted to roll it’s immense bulk over and smother the flames. The lift jerkily began rising again, faster than usual, and several tense moments later they rose into the dining room to great applause and cheers from the dense mob of patrons. And the sweaty smiles from the 3 half-orcs that had to work the pulley system to overcome the pull from the Metal-Master slug.

Free drinks are shoved into their hands as Durnan and a pair of burly dwarves rappel down into the well to deal with the threat. Drinking and carousing goes late into the night and eventually the party makes their way upstairs to their rooms to inspect their haul and get some well earned rest.


oh how my chest hurts just recalling those events. the fates were barely on my side that day, but perhaps Shevarash is testing my mettle.

Ch. 3 Rumble in the Dungeon

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