Waterdeep Away Game

CH 7 Drop on the Drow

So while the party rested, the mad mage of the woods went about his odd business, and the party did as they were told, not leaving the sleeping nook once. In the morning after a breakfast of mush and forest berries, he bid them a safe journey and sent them off into the murky woods. The sunlight fought to get through the canopy, but did not succeed, even on a sunny day it was never brighter than late twilight on the forest floor.

Cautiously, they made there way back towards the town, when they managed to catch a glimpse of something moving across the path far up in the distance. They tethered the horses and Corabelle and Wilkas split up, intending to encircle the area and sneak closer. With both creeping through the undergrowth, Lumiere and Wompa waited until they were in position.

They spied 4 Drow, who themselves were preparing to ambush some orcs. However the drow didn’t hear them, and before long Lumiere got the signal to attack. She cast Entangle and at that moment both Wilkas and Corabelle began peppering the drow with arrows. It was a rout. The drow didn’t stand a chance (Damn! – DM) and before long the party made their way out of the woods and back towards Waterdeep.

Long before they reached town, while still in the potato and green fields several hours from the Northgate, they could see smoke billowing from several locations inside the city walls.

Of course they hastened their pace and were begrudgingly let in by the city guard who were controlling the roads and trying to restore peace to the richest neighborhood in town. Farther to the south, especially in the docks, things looked grim. Smoke from several fires raged through the warehouse district. Ships sunk in the harbor, their masts askew but visible even from this far away, and a look of panic on all the merchants and nobility as they attempted to gather possessions and flee the city.

As Corabelle, Lumiere, Wilkas and Wompa made there way towards the Yawning Portal, they came across Quito who had been busy tending to hurt citizens for the last few hours. Apparently, goblins had begun swarming from the underdark at dawn and they attacks had been surprisingly coordinated and devastating. By the time our heros had made their way to the center of town it was clear the city was under siege.



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